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     Frog's Hollow is an Aircraft Landing Area (ALA) situated 6 miles SW of the town of Bega, 36 46S, 149 48E with an elevation of 300ft amsl. It is 900 meters in length with designated runways 18 and 36. A small cross strip for the very brave ( due to tall trees) is available for landings  designated 09 and 27. Taking off would be restricted to 09 on the cross strip.  

      There is some conjecture around the actual first flight at Frog's Hollow Aerodrome. Some articles say the aerial postal service began in 1932. Another states that it was 1939. While most records show that Adastra Airlines constructed the areas first aerodrome in 1937  "at Frog's Hollow" so they could operate in practically all weathers. A waco aircraft, fitted with ambulance facilities was placed in service because an earlier service from Jellat Flats demonstrated the advantage to many cases of urgent illness being able to be moved to Sydney for specialist treatment.

      In 1938 a modern Twin-engined Dragon Fly was placed on the run.

Bega historical information states that the local Council took responsibility for the aerodrome from 1941.From a twice weekly service, the Company flew three times a weekand finally daily, with pasengers, newspapers and airmailThe service was taken over by the Butler Air Transport Company on

November 11, 1940 and  a Gannet Aircraft was used in daily service.

An average of 40 passengers were carried weekly. In addition over

200dozen oysters from the Bega River were carried weekly to towns

as far north as Charleville in Queensland.

In 1949, after the announcement of Merimbula as the location of the

new airport and withdrawal of a Government subsidsidy the Company

was forced to abandon the service.

Only one forced landing occured when a plane overtruned while landing

on Moorefield Race Course at Kograh in Sydney. The Plane overturned,

but passengers and pilot were not injured and the plane was soon in service


Further conjecture remains around the dates of the opening of Merimbula Airport with some saying it was in 1956 and other reports stating that the first flight from Merimbula was 1st of May 1959 and the offical opening of the Airport on the 30th of May 1959. There is no conjecture around the fact that Butler Air Transport used DC threes on a daily basis once Merimbula airport was opened.


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