Code of Conduct

      Frog's Hollow is an Aircraft Landing Area (ALA)  and its many members and their families and friends meet

regularly to

* Promote aviation through safety and good airmanship​
* Socialise with like minded people.
* Exchange ideas and knowledge.
* Encourage and assist those who have not yet explored their flying ambitions.

      To ensure that these goals are met long into the future, the committee have developed a code of conduct which they expect all members and visitors, be they pilots or others, to observe.

      Frog's Hollow ALA is an area set aside for the operation of aircraft and whilst every effort is made to conform to recommended dimensions, we cannot give a guarantee that the ALA conforms to known standards. Therefore pilots who operate their aircraft at Frog's Hollow do so at there own risk and accept full responsibility for the their own safety and that of their passengers and others at the airfield.

      Every effort is made by the members and committee to keep the runway and surrounds in good order. It must be understood by pilots that there are no qualified airport managers at the ALA and whilst all care is taken, the members and committee will not accept any responsibility for any damage or injury to aircraft, ground vehicle or persons as a result of these operations.


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